On Sundays she loves a boy who winks at her when he passes her pew, and who always greets her parents with “yes ma’am“‘s and “yes sir“‘s;

On Mondays she loves a boy who has jet black curly hair, and draws the most amazing pictures that she’s ever seen;

On Tuesdays she loves a boy who has sandy blonde hair, and who’s ocean blue eyes meet hers when they share a private joke;

On Wednesdays she loves a boy who greets her with a polite smile when he sees her in class, and never forgets his “please” and “thank you“‘s

On Thursdays she loves a boy who is the smartest person she’s ever known, and who’s never said a bad word about anyone or anything

On Fridays she loves a boy who loves to take charge, and who never fails to make her laugh when he opens his mouth;

But on Saturdays when she has no one to love, she stands in the mirror an tries to love herself.

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someone wanna be my niall anon? pweaseeee *makes cute puppy dog eyes* pretty pleaseeee??

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my favorite time of year is when all the bugs start to die

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maybe she’s born with it maybe its an instagram filter

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#91: “..just can’t let her go.”


"I want her, everybody wants her, she know it.."

Everyone craves your attention, especially Louis. He would go to any length to make you his, and you made sure he knew that he would have to fight for your affection. Playing hard to get was your kind of game, but you’re scared to admit, even for a second, that you might want him too.


"Breaks a billion hearts, I know I’m next in line.."

Harry knew from the moment he saw you that you were a heart breaker. After the spark’s worn off, you tend to find a new boy toy and continue the cycle. Harry works so hard to keep you happy and is dreading the heart break but something tells you that he might be different.


"I’m so whipped on her tiny little, she’s a tempting animal.."

Niall can’t resist you. You’ve got him wrapped around your little finger, and he doesn’t mind. Everyone tells him that he’s completely whipped, and should find someone else, but he stays. You tempt him into doing things he wouldn’t normally do, and bring out a daring side in him.


"I want her but I better run away.."

Liam wants you. Probably more than he’s wanted anything, or anyone. Your mysterious demeanor demeanor scares quite a few people off, but it leaves him wanting more. He wants to know more about you, but he’s not quite sure how he’s going to get you to open up.


"Drives me nuts and she’s got me by the throat.."

You drive Zayn crazy sometimes, and he drives you crazy as well. His jealousy sometimes drives you crazy, and sometimes your need for attention makes him furious. Despite your differences and constant constant yelling and arguing, he’s not ready to let you go. Not quite yet.

By: Lia. Hope you guys like this one! I really loved the leaked clip of their new song, so I decided to make a preference out of it! If you guys like these kind of preferences (the song kinds) feel free to shoot me a message! Bye loves xx Lia

idk but for some reason it really bothers me when people say “i hope there’s going to a music video for this song” bc there probably isn’t unless it’s a fucking single there’s not going to be a video it’s just some random track on an album

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